Most people have a bad stigma about Botox and the way their face looks after their treatment because of how it is portrayed by the media and celebrities (who probably shouldn’t have mixed it with plastic surgery). But getting natural results is exactly what Dr. Dawood gives his patients.

Botox is a great non-invasive non-surgical solution to helping you rejuvenate mature skin, or help prevent the signs of aging. In just a short time, you can help slow these signs of aging and redefine your skin.

Dr. Dawood  encourages that your Botox be incredibly subtle, so that people can say “you look great! What’s your secret?” instead of “what did you do to your face?” 

Here are some tips that can help ensure some of your questions are answered in getting natural results.

1. Schedule your consultation and get your questions answered

Make sure the practitioner you are going to is a reputable one, like Dr. Dawood who is a family physician and has extensive knowledge about injectables. It’s your face, it’s what people see, don’t trust it with just anyone. If it’s questionably cheap, or done in a basement you may want to reconsider. Don’t just trust anyone, or your results may not be desirable.

Make sure your practitioner can answer all your questions, and can address your needs.

2. Make sure all your concerns are addressed

That includes all your questions, but also your areas of concern. You want to make sure your face looks even. And if one side of your treated area is of more concern, you still want to get both treated to ensure everything looks even.

3. Preventative Care is the Best Kind of Care

Botox has been shown to be more effective when you start at an early age to create age prevention. The younger you are, the weaker the muscles that cause the wrinkles. This can help ensure that the lines and wrinkles are prevented from even forming by keeping it weak earlier.

But that doesn’t mean if you’re older, you shouldn’t do the treatment. It can still give you a natural, youthful appearance.

4. Book Your Next Treatment Ahead of Time

Unfortunately, Botox doesn’t last forever. Make sure you stay up to date with your appointments to ensure you get the best results. Ask our front desk staff at Kitchener Waterloo Cosmetic Clinic about our rewards program, and sign up for our promotional emails so you can see our specials and discounts so you can start saving!

5. Look Natural

Botox will give you more natural results than plastic surgery because it is working into and with your body, rather than surface reconstruction. There may be minor bruising, swelling, or redness following you injections, but the after effects of the results will begin to show 2 weeks after your appointment.

If you have more questions, and want to evaluate whether Botox is the right choice for you, contact Kitchener Waterloo Cosmetic Clinic to schedule your Free Consult, or Book Online by going to our Homepage.




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