Masseter TMJ Botox

For Patients Unsatisfied with Facial Shape and Jawline

By Expert Filler Injector Dr. Rayhaan Dawood MD CCFP.

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Masseter Botox Treatment by a Doctor

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We are the Premier Cosmetic Clinic and Medical Spa of the Kitchener Waterloo Region. 

Masseter TMJ/Bruxism Botox Kitchener Waterloo

The masseters are the chewing muscles of the face. In some patients, these can become large, overdeveloped, and begin to bulge; creating a squared, more masculine shaped face. Those patients looking to achieve a more oval and heart-shaped, feminine jawline may need Botox injected into the masseters.


In the past, the only solution was surgical shaving of the muscles, but with Botox, we now have a convenient, safe, low-risk Non-Surgical Solution.


A delicate jawline can be achieved with simple and relatively painless masseter Botox injections done in office by an expert injector.


Botox into the Masseter muscles can also help with TMJ Disorders: Jaw Pain, Tension, Clenching, and Bruxism (teeth grinding), helping to reduce the pain and slim the jawline at the same time.


Many people experience relief from symptoms in a few days, but it can take up to a month to see the effects of Masseter injections.

What is Botox?

Botox has been used to treat headaches, excessive sweating, muscular spasms, and fine lines and wrinkles of the face. Inadequate doses Botox helps to “relax” muscles, reducing the strength and contractility. When applied to the right area of the body, Botox is able to relax muscles that are creating unwanted cosmetic change. Botox relaxes and weakens these unwanted effects of the muscle, resulting in a more cosmetically pleasing result. When injected into the Masseter muscles the result is a smaller jawline and narrower face. Masseter Botox is more involved than regular Botox injections, so multiple sessions may be booked with several injections to get the optimal result. 


Best Candidate for Masseter Botox?

Healthy adults with large, oversized masseter muscles are great candidates for this procedure. It is an extremely popular procedure especially in Asian countries where a broad jawline is particularly an issue. Patients that chew often, due to gum use may often result in oversized masseter muscle. Patients with ongoing dental issues and facial infections are pregnant or breastfeeding should wait before receiving treatment. 


If you suffer from over sized masseter muscles and are looking for a slimmer facial profile and jawline, then book a consultation today.

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Botox for Masseter & TMJ Kitchener Waterloo

A Strong Square Jawline is considered masculine, and desireable for male patients or patients wanting a more masculine appearance. Female patients, or those looking for a more feminine look desire a more narrow facial shape. Botox injection will reduce jaw size, creating a gentler appearance. Sometimes this is called Bruxism Botox.

People that grind and clench the teeth while they sleep (Bruxism), and have similar TMJ issues may also find benefit from Masseter Botox injections. While teeth grinding may be caused by stress and anxiety, a big cause can be overactive/strong masseter muscles. Using Botox to relax these muscles can reduce the need for a mouth guard, reduce headaches and pain caused by the grinding, and help in some cases with TMJ issues. 

Effects of Botox Treatment:

Botox for jaw reduction will reduce the width of the jawline, reducing the square shape. Botox will gradually relax the masseter muscles over time, reducing their size. Treatment is quick, and painless. Downtime is minimal, and there is almost no recovery period. Effects are gradual with onset over the course of 4-6 weeks. Results are not permanent, but with recurrent treatments patients are satisfied with the reduction in jaw muscle size. 

Dr. Dawood and the team at Kitchener Waterloo Cosmetic Clinic provide medical assistance to patients looking for aesthetic services. Botox for Masseter injections are performed by Dr. Dawood himself after thorough consultation with patients. 

COST of Masseter TMJ Bruxism Botox?

Cost is dependent on individual patient factors, goals, needs, and wants. The masseter is a large muscle and requires on average 60-100 units of Botox. Every patient is unique, so the amount of units varies widely. We will advise you at your consultation on what will work for you. We price Botox by the unit. Please check our Promotions page for current pricing.

If seeking this treatment you should always plan for more units than initially treated with. Our goal is natural results, and we always start patients on a lower dose protocol, to begin with.


Masseter Botox often involves several sessions spaced out 3-4 weeks apart, with small doses to start with.

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How are Masseter Bruxism Botox Injections Performed?

The first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rayhaan Dawood MD CCFP. Dr. Dawood is an expert Cosmetic Physican with experience in Advanced and Expert level Dermal Filler treatments. He has trained along with and under some of the industry’s top physicians and injectable experts from across the world.  At your consultation Dr. Dawood will assess your overall health and medical history, define your goals, and formulate a treatment plan.


At the time of treatment a topical numbing cream will be applied to minimize discomfort. Botox will then be injected using a very fine needle. Overall time in office is 30-60 minutes, with actual injections taking 5-10 minutes.


Most patients return to their regular daily routine immediately post-treatment, and a follow up check-up appointment will be scheduled for 2 weeks after your treatment date.

BOTOX® vs. Dermal Fillers

Botox and Dermal Fillers are commonly used together to address different aspects of aging and to realize patient goals. Dermal fillers are used for lost facial volume, and to enhance facial features and restore contour lost due to aging or weight loss.


BOTOX® Cosmetic is a muscle relaxant injection that will smooth dynamic lines caused by muscle movement. Botox works by relaxing the muscles activity, allowing it to rest, and not cause deep wrinkles into the face and skin.

Both Botox and Fillers can be used in the same treatment/session depending on specific concerns. Dr. Dawood will be able to review your concerns and formulate an individualized treatment plan. 

Masseter Botox FAQ

How Many Units Again?

The amount of Botox ranges from 50 – 100 units. 


Can I just Do 10 Units and See?

No. Underdosing the Masseter will not work. Injecting a high dosage is necessary to see any effect at all and to see optimal results. Patients should plan for appropriate dosing before booking a consultation or should not consider the treatment at all.


How Long Do Results Last?

Masseters are typically injected every 6 months, however, some patients may notice wearing off after 3 months.


Any Side Effects?

Botox is a medical procedure, side effects are possible but rare. Most commonly bruising, some soreness and redness at the injection site. Rarely migration of botox to unintended, surrounding muscles which can result in abnormal muscle movement. This is temporary as the Botox will wear off over time. Most patients go right back to their normal activities immediately after treatment with minimal restrictions. 

How Long Before I Notice Results?

Within 1 month you should notice results with masseter injections. This will give the Botox time to relax the muscle and begin to induce weakening.




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