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B12 MIC and Weight Loss Therapy by a Doctor

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Vitamin B12 boosts energy, enhances fat loss, and reduces fatigue. MIC shots help burn fat by promoting weight loss.


Already dieting and exercising? Need something to give you just a bit more edge? Or are you having problems with alertness and fatigue? Vitamin B12 and MIC injections may help.

Vitamin B12 is an easily absorbed vitamin that is essential for red blood cell health, and health nervous and cardiovascular system functioning. Vitamin B12 is known as the energy vitamin. It helps enhance fat loss, and alertness

For the Best Results:

Combine Vitamin B12 shots with proper diet and exercise. Shots are done on a monthly basis.

Who is it for?

People who are experiencing fatigue and weakness, mood swings, weight loss issues, and having concentration problems. Individuals who are already eating vitamin B12 rich foods, or taking oral vitamins may benefit. B12 injections are quick and cause very little pain.

B12 Benefits

We all live a fast paced life. We need high energy and focus for long hours. B12 supplementation can help. Most patients do well with just oral supplements, but some find injections to just work better for them. 

The Vitamin B12 shot is an energy-boosting vitamin injection. Our bodies often become deficient in certain vitamins and nutrients depending on our diets or lifestyles, and many of us eating a standard north american diet can be deficient in B12. B12 is a helpful, metabolism boosting vitamin that can give us more energy and focus, as well as promote weight loss. 



MIC injections on a monthly basis while combined with diet and exercise can help patients lose an extra few pounds per week. Advantages of MIC injections are outlined below but patients typically will express they have higher energy levels while experiencing better cognitive function during their overall diet program. MIC is often combined with B12 injections for the best results. 

For many years MIC injections have been combined with standard weight loss programs to help patients lose more weight. MIC combines the essential ‘B’ vitamins as well as other essential amino acids that are not readily available fromt he food we eat.

MIC injections enhance weight loss results while giving more energy while you are on a reduced caloric intake and demanding physical activity regimen. 

MIC shots enhance the bodies ability to metabolism and burn fat, and aid in its removal. 

What makes up a MIC Injection?

Methionine:  this molecule helps to support the bodies digestive functions and system by removing heavy metals within the body, breaking down fat deposits and preventing build up in the arteries. Methionine also converts to cytosine, a precursor to glutathione, which can help in liver detoxification. 

Inositol: inositol helps in nutrient transfer at the cellular level. This works at the level of the cell membrane. It helps convert fat into other useful forms of energy and assists in health cell membranes. 

Choline: choline assists in control of cholesterol levels in the blood and in controlling weight gain. 

Other common ingredients within MIC injections are B vitamins and sometimes L-Carnitine which allows for additional benefits in weight loss and general health.



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