Botox is used to get cosmetic results but can also be used to eliminate excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and reduce migraines.


The other more popular areas include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Frown Lines

Probably one of the best known uses of Botox. The usage here is to eliminate the frown lines when we move our eyebrows in a downward motion, which make us look angry or harsh. Botox can significantly reduce or eliminate this line between your eyebrows,  helping you look happier and youthful.


  • Forehead Wrinkles

Another popular use of Botox is to eliminate those pesky wrinkles across your forehead. Some people probably don’t even realize they’re doing this, but as you age those lines become more prominent and permanent. These lines make us look worried or stressed.


  • Eyebrows / Brow Lift

Want a brow lift without the surgery? Botox on the eyebrows that are low over the eye area have a similar effect as Forehead and Frown Lines. The lifting of the eyebrow will make us look more approachable and happy.


  • Crow’s Feet

These are the lines you see by your eyes when you smile. They can make us look older. Getting Botox here will make you redefine your beauty.


  • Bunny Lines

Think of what happens when you smell something foul: the lines that occur when we wrinkle our nose back. You can also develop this when you squint your eyes.


  • Marionette Lines

Can also occur due to smiling a lot or at all. These are the lines that develop between the sides of your nose and mouth. As you get older, these lines will deepen.


  • Underarms

Ever notice when it’s hot out you have a puddle underneath your underarms? Embarrassed by this? Botox for Hyperhidrosis will help control the sweat gland and will prevent it from releasing all that water. Check with your insurance if they will cover this, since it is considered a medical condition.


  • Migraines

Suffer from really bad migraines? Injecting Botox can actually help eliminate or control your migraines. Ask your insurance if they will cover this, since it is considered a medical condition.


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